Being Glad Is Different as Being Happy

I don’t really know what is now passing trough on my mind this afternoon. After having conversation with my Mom last night, I just want to write about this as my self-reminder. We were talking quite much in our 3 hours conversation (Thanks to LINE developers and Internet inventors who made my communication with my family much easier and indeed CHEAP! lol).

As my decision to quit the company and leave Japan next year, we were talking a bit (or maybe a lot) about my future plan and life.  I told my mom that I want to focus on my own business, regardless the money which I will earn. I told her that I want to take my Master degree in Business Administration as well. Then the conversation started, she gave me a lot of advice and encouragement as well.

Indeed, here in Japan I’ve got everything I need materially. Money, wealthiness, good living, et cetera.. Am I glad? Yes, of course I’m really glad having all of these. Yet, Am I happy? Well, I need to think and look at myself profoundly to answer this sort of question. Last night, my Mom asked me “Do you know what is the difference between being glad and being happy?”. I answered “Yes, Indeed. I do. the main difference between being glad and being happy is the matter of period of the feeling itself. Being glad is temporary but being happy is permanent. I mean, if we get something good, we will feel glad. But being happy doesn’t require anything to be happened to us, it really depends on us. Either we got a good thing or a bad think, we can still be happy.”. Then, my Mom added “As you said, being glad is like a two side of coin. One side is a joy and the other side is a grief.  You could suddenly feel very glad as soon as you get or receive something good, but in the other side you could suddenly feel very sad when you lose something good or in fact what you got is just bellow your expectation. But being happy is unconditional, you were right, it depends on us no matter what we’ve got. It’s inside us, it’s permanent.”

From this conversation, I realized. I would want something precious. High salary, beautiful and gorgeous wife, big houses. Then, I tried to take a step back and reconsidered about it. I might be glad if I earn a lot of money, I might be glad if I have an extremely beautiful wife, I might be glad if I have a big and splendid houses. But, will I be feeling happy? I don’t even know and can’t guarantee myself.

Actually being realized from this doesn’t make me stop chasing my dreams. who doesn’t want to be rich? who doesn’t want to have a beautiful wife? Yet, my intention has changed. If I’m rich, I just want to share more to the people who need it. If my business succeed, that’s my contribution to my country, I can open the opportunity, I can help people getting their job, decreasing the amount of jobless. About my future wife, indeed I want a beautiful girl to be my wife, but it’s not that important anymore. At least, she is good looking and it’s enough. The more important things are, the one who together with me has the ability to build our happy family, to raise our kids, to encourage each other.

Thanks Mom for the advice and encouragement!


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